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My granddaughter Maya loves the books she receives! They have provided hours of sharing and learning with her mommy, daddy, and nonni.
-Mary, McDowell County

My children and I and their father have truly enjoyed reading together. It has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to Imagination Library I believe my children will be wonderful readers!
-Susan, McDowell County

My great grandson who is 2 ½ years old looks forward to “his” books and thinks he is so big, getting mail. We love reading the stories to him and getting his reaction.
-Eleanor Beckner, McDowell County

We are extremely pleased with the Imagination Library and find it to be a wonderful experience for our grandson. He is always excited to sit down for a “reading experience.” Thanks to all who have been a part of this vital program toward creating an interest in reading that will keep their desire to read alive for a lifetime.
-Resident, McDowell County

This is such a fantastic opportunity for Clay County families. We can see that this program works. Kids are excited about receiving their books and beginning their own personal libraries. There is much talk each month about the books they receive. These books will become personally historical in the memories of our young children. Our children are learning through "hands on" experiences! We all know that is the best way to learn! We appreciate this wonderful opportunity for our greatest resource, Clay County children!
-Cindy Willis, Clay County

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